Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heading to Hollywood Studios for extra magic hours... Well, that was the plan, anyway. This bus only took half an hour to arrive, which I suppose is an improvement from yesterday.

However, despite a somewhat rocky start, we had an awesome day yesterday! We got fastpasses for the Aerosmith rollercoaster (the Hunk's fave ride) and then watched some of the character shows. The line for the revamped Star Tours was a little long, but not so bad we'd want to skip it. Also about half of the wait is indoors! Then we went to use our fast passes and we saw that the single rider line was also open, so we used that a couple of times.

It started to rain pretty heavily and we realized that our reservations for the Spirit of Aloha dinner show would probably be cancelled since it's partly outdoors. So we took a boat over to Epcot and were able to get reservations at Biergarten, which was cool because we hadn't eaten there before. We got to listen to the Voices of Liberty (always a fave) but the Mo'Rockin show was called because of the rain. But fortunately Mariachi Cobre was able to go into the marketplace area to perform. We didn't stay for all of it, though, because we weren't sure how to get our Spirit of Aloha tickets refunded so we needed to get to the Polynesian resort to find out. Well, when we left the building in Mexico, the rain had cleared! So we got to see the show, which had been updated with different dances and a slightly-altered storyline since we were there last. The hostess said they change it every year or two so I think I'll hafta go back! :) The food was good and it was just tons of fun.

Then we took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom (of course) and got fast passes for Space Mountain - late but still usable. I burned a bunch of calories at the character dance party and then cried my way through "Wishes," the nightly fireworks show (I always do). We rode Space Mountain and by that point we were both zonked. I had hoped to use some of the evening magic hours but we were so tired we didn't even stay until the regular closing.

We're at the Indiana Jones how so I'm gonna post this & watch the show!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It poured yesterday. And so we left the Magic Kingdom to dry off and rest. I went back later (the rain had slowed to a drizzle) to use up our fastpasses. Unfortunately, Space Mountain was closed :( We haven't had a lot of luck with it. Anyway, dinner at the Crystal Palace was awesome. The flan was particularly good, especially for a buffet. Le Cellier had fantastic steak, but the dessert was just good rather than amazing.

Today we're headed for Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately we had to wait for almost an hour for the bus. :P But it's kind of nice not to have to worry about anything.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

woooo! I'm at Disney & it's almost time for Wishes. We've had an awesome time already & we only got here @ 4:15. I got to see the Dans, the banjo trio, Mack-n-Jack, the band... Oo, it's starting!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eat Your Broccoli; It's Good For You

I still don't want to write, but I want to improve as a teacher, so here goes another entry. BLEAUGH. I guess I'll go for one per day. I may not have internet access every day, though, so you might go a few days with no updates & then see several of them go through, with all but one backdated. Anyway.

Before we left for Florida, I did some quick google-searching for journal prompts, copy-pasted them into an Open Office document, and printed it out. The one I'm going to use for today's entry is: Do you believe honesty is the best policy?

GOD, I don't want to do this. I hate writing. This just seems so stupid and pointless. I mean, honestly? Does anyone seriously care? Because I already know what I think, and I really don't know why it would matter to anyone else. Well, whatever. Right now I'm just trying to fill space.

Honesty - by itself - is NOT the best policy. I'm more in line with "Speak the truth in love." There's this idea that in order to be TRULY honest, we have to be willing to say things that are mean. Which is bullshit. We DO have to be willing to say things that are unpleasant, but we can do so compassionately, providing support and encouragement. And it's not like those around us need to know every thought we have; only someone who is unbelievably arrogant would even consider such an idea.

I also find that when I'm confronted by a question with a possibly-uncomfortable answer, sometimes the best response is another question.

Blah de blah.

I'll also say that while it's possible to mislead someone with statements that are technically true, doing so does not count as being honest. There are some shades of grey, here, though; it's possible to mislead others accidentally if one is careless with language. This is why precision is also important to me.

I’m at over 300 words. Can I stop now? :P