Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Much To Do!

One thing I hate about recovery is how much it slows me down. And really, I'm glad I have so many people who care about me, but it does sometimes get frustrating having so many people telling me that I should take it easy. I am taking it easy! There is not one day that goes by when I feel like I've gotten a lot done. It's always, "well, I got a lot done considering that I'm taking it easy".

But one thing I like is that it's given me lots of practice paying attention to my body, and the different sensations I get from different parts of it and what they might mean and how I need to respond to them.

Speaking of needing to get things done, I am going to post this and then go make a phone call that has eluded me for about a week now. And then I'll edit it to add more.


Annnnd somehow I have a wrong number. Everything seems so complicated. Like I just remembered that I decided to brush my teeth AFTER breakfast this morning because I have to take my pain meds WITH food, so the sooner I started eating, the sooner I could take my medicine. But my tummy doesn't feel so great, so I ate kind of slowly and then by the time I was finished I was thinking about other things that I needed to do. Darnit.

And so now that the Hunk is out of the bathroom I am going to go brush my teeth!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recovery, Continued

So this morning at 7 I walked to the park. First time since surgery. Wooo! I was actually kind of tired starting out (I hadn't been able to get back to sleep after taking my 4 AM dose) but it felt soooo good to be out under my own power.

I'm really excited. I think I will probably be able to have my drains taken out next week, and after that I'll really be able to start moving!

I have an appointment for genetic testing on Tuesday. Two of my doctors have said I should do this, so I signed up. But I haven't been able to find whether or not it's covered under my medical insurance. Among the papers the testing office sent over was a form that basically said that if my insurance refused to cover it, I agreed to pay. And I'm thinking... I need to call them on Monday and say, "look, here is my insurance information, if it's not covered, I don't want it." Because I'm sorry, it's not worth it to me to know HOW MUCH of a risk I have for cancers related to the one I've gone through TWICE. I'm gonna guess it's probably higher than average. Yanno? I have ZERO interest in forking over a coupla grand for risk assessment when common sense will do almost as well.

Now, if insurance will cover it, I'll go ahead, just to keep my doctors happy. Because who knows, that bit of social capital might come in handy down the road. ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today is Saturday. I had my surgery back on Tuesday, and overall, recovery has been pretty straightforward. It's really interesting, because not only day-to-day, but even hour by hour, I feel stronger and more mobile. I mean, when I first started out, I couldn't even sit up by myself - the Hunk would slide his arms behind my back, and on the count of three, he'd lift and I'd lean as much as I could. It was an ordeal!

Also, I wasn't allowed to shower until Thursday evening. Let me tell you. As much as I haaaate my poofy hair, it is far preferable to the flat, grease-matted rug I had Thursday afternoon.

I might be JUST about ready to leave the house. It depends on how much of an ordeal it is to get fully dressed. See, around the house I can throw on a workout shirt and a pair of pj bottoms and no biggie. But I think I'd need more out in public. My biggest concern is the shirt - putting arms through arm holes and lowering my head the right way has been a challenge even in my workout shirts, which have the arms and neck cut out and stretched. So a regular shirt might be next to impossible.

My first checkup will be on Monday. Until then, I'll probably be cleaning house out of boredom. There's so much I can't do! I can put clothes in the wash, but not take them from the washer to the dryer (bending+reaching+pulling = bad combination). And I can put away anything that goes in a dresser, but reaching to put things on a shelf or to hook a clothes hanger in a closet - nope.

I am REALLY looking forward to regaining full mobility, though. :D