Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because Writing Is Good For You :P

Okay, here we go again. On the way to school.

I hate when I think I'm ready to go early, and then I remember that I don't have my medicine with me, and my phone and wallet are in the other room. And THEN I think I'm ready BUT then I feel like I need to go through my bag to make sure that my keys are there and where are they? I was sure they were here! And… oh. Okay. There they are. And by this time, rather than being a few minutes ahead of schedule, I'm a few minutes behind schedule. It's so frustrating.

The Hunk and I talked for most of the trip, so I didn't write as much.

When we got to school, I found out that today would be another Day Of Stress. Not only is it senior portrait day, which involves stress because OF COURSE there are seniors who didn't sign up for a time, or forgot what time they signed up for, BUT ALSO we had to schedule portraits AROUND a senior assembly, and then we had to reschedule another group of them because we have a homeroom today to vote for homecoming queen (no king, just queen) and then later on there's going to be a fire drill.


Add to this the stress of being told that unlike other years, seniors who do not have their sitting fee WILL NOT be able to have their portraits made today. And we were unable to schedule another portrait date until frickin' NOVEMBER.

Oh - and on top of all of that, the internet is down. AGAIN.

How the hell am I supposed to use technology effectively when we KEEP having problems of this nature? OF COURSE everyone is still going to expect us to produce an inclusive, error-free yearbook on schedule.

I'm TIRED of being expected to produce amazing results without the support needed to do so.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Writing - Objectively?

When I'm writing reviews over on Goodreads (which, like just about everything else, I don't do as often as I should) I try to keep in mind that what I think is just that: what I think, subjective and based on my own experience rather than solely on what's in the book itself. I realize that not everyone else does this, and mostly, I try to brush it off, but sometimes? Sometimes it bothers me.

Something similar came up recently over on the EC Ning. And it left me wondering: what criteria do people use for determining literary merit or value?

Dear Google

Fuck you.

I know what the hell I'm doing; I don't need an eleven-character password with a mix of numbers and letters and special characters. There is absolutely ZERO reason for anyone to have the slightest desire to hack my account.

Stop being such self-important intrusive asswipes and ... I dunno, go make a phone or something.