Thursday, August 1, 2013


So I write VERY slowly. I tend to be pretty happy with what I come up with, but it often is a bit of a grind to get something actually written.

One strategy that seems to help is what I call "paragraph-slinging." This is where I inflict my work in progress on someone else who's online at the same time as I am, usually via email or private messaging of some sort. It's often not more than a few sentences, and the only response I need is a question or comment or even "looks good! what happens next?" - some sort of continual push to keep me going.

I've started to be more proactive about my writing. I'm following a few more writing blogs and I've joined a couple of forums. But I've noticed that most people are very serious about their writing. And I'm kind of ... not? So I feel like something of a fraud, like I'm butting in where I don't belong.

I can't help wondering if there are communities out there of UNserious writers, people like me, who aren't interested in being published or even having a large following online. People who just like talking about stories, about what works and what doesn't and why.

It would be awesome to find something like that.


  1. You should try reddit! :D They have a pretty cool writing community with folks of varying degrees of seriousness:

    Also, there is no *right* way to write; only what's right for you. :)

  2. So is there a /r/notreallyawriter subreddit? ;D