Thursday, January 9, 2014

SWTOR blogging challenge - Day 6

Your least favorite non-romance companion

Okay, so I hear that everyone hates Skadge, but I don't have him yet.  For a long time, it would've been Kaliyo. Storywise, it makes no sense to take her with you; she's a loose cannon and a liability. As far as playstyle, she suits me well enough in combat - I like playing a damage charrie with a tank companion. But then in cutscenes she's always surprising me with what she does and doesn't like. And I'm a points-grubber, PLUS also I tend to play LS characters, so that was somewhat irritating. My female agent is much more laid back than my male agent, though, so she gets along with Kaliyo a lot better.

So let's see:

Knight - I like everybody but Doc, who I find mildly irritating, but he's a LI so he doesn't count for this
Smuggler - like 'em all
Trooper - haven't gotten far enough
Consular - ditto; Qyzen is all right
Hunter - like 'em all so far
Warrior - not far enough yet
Inquisitor - Nick needs to get over himself - I think I have a thing about arrogant/entitled dudes - but again, he's a LI so he gets a pass. Khemmie has been pretty Johnny One-Note so far but I have to admit at least it's consistent and fairly easy to work with.
Agent - oh! Yes! There we are: SCORPIO. Why in the ever-loving hell does a droid need breasts? Yes. I hate that. I found that so annoying.

By the way, I leveled my bounty hunter some, and I got Blizz! He actually reminds me of a biological version of T7. They're both quite sassy!

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