Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today is Saturday. I had my surgery back on Tuesday, and overall, recovery has been pretty straightforward. It's really interesting, because not only day-to-day, but even hour by hour, I feel stronger and more mobile. I mean, when I first started out, I couldn't even sit up by myself - the Hunk would slide his arms behind my back, and on the count of three, he'd lift and I'd lean as much as I could. It was an ordeal!

Also, I wasn't allowed to shower until Thursday evening. Let me tell you. As much as I haaaate my poofy hair, it is far preferable to the flat, grease-matted rug I had Thursday afternoon.

I might be JUST about ready to leave the house. It depends on how much of an ordeal it is to get fully dressed. See, around the house I can throw on a workout shirt and a pair of pj bottoms and no biggie. But I think I'd need more out in public. My biggest concern is the shirt - putting arms through arm holes and lowering my head the right way has been a challenge even in my workout shirts, which have the arms and neck cut out and stretched. So a regular shirt might be next to impossible.

My first checkup will be on Monday. Until then, I'll probably be cleaning house out of boredom. There's so much I can't do! I can put clothes in the wash, but not take them from the washer to the dryer (bending+reaching+pulling = bad combination). And I can put away anything that goes in a dresser, but reaching to put things on a shelf or to hook a clothes hanger in a closet - nope.

I am REALLY looking forward to regaining full mobility, though. :D


  1. I'm hoping that your recovery is speedy and that you feel good as new really soon. Until then, #@#% the housework and anything that doesn't bring you joy and comfort.

  2. It's kind of crazy, but ... well, you know how much I gripe about writing? When it comes to writing or doing housework - let's just say our house looks neater than it has in months! ;D