Friday, March 9, 2012

I Take It All Back

I think it still applies in a general sense, but as my smuggler moved forward, she seems to be getting PLENTY of opportunities to flirt. Woot!

Also, I'm putting in an app for a guild on my very first PVP (RP-PVP, but still) server.

She actually started out as a character in my smuggler's fanfic, which has just gushed out of me like some kind of spurting artery. I've written almost ten thousand words in about 48 hours. I've never written that much that fast.

I do need to do a little more planning before I go any further; Arri threw a wrench in the works. She started out as a bit part - someone to flirt with Corso for humor and maybe a bit of jealousy from Vacy. But then it turned out she was Vacy's buddy and they were working together to make sure Vacy could seem drunk without BEING drunk, and THEN somehow it turned out she was an undercover Jedi knight investigating a slave ring at the club, which is what leads to the fight where poor Vacy tries her hand at healing, WHICH is the point of the story.


I've also never had interconnected story threads that gelled as well as these are seeming to. The pacing is shyte, but for a zero draft, I'm just ridiculously pleased. Additionally, this is one of a few fics where I don't have a frame story already there to follow, unlike with "Anniversary" or "Broken." Nor is it a character drabble like "Stormy Blue" or "World's Finest," which I need to find and post.

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