Monday, December 2, 2013

SWTOR blogging challenge - Day 1

Your first character

During the beta I played a rattataki Intelligence Agent. However, all that remains of her is a screenshot of her at the helm of her ship - apparently I got through Dromund Kaas. I do remember being amused by the fact that the first companion you get as an Agent is also a rattataki! We were twinsies ;D

When the game actually started, I created a Knight. For a long time, she was my highest-level character; just this weekend, my Agent (not the same one!) passed her during the Thanksgiving 2XP event.

I didn't develop a whole lot of story around her, but my headcanon was that she was this wealthy socialite who didn't really want to be a Jedi, but when she was found to be Force sensitive, her parents kind of pushed her into it, and promised her if she was a good little youngling, they would give her a ronto filly of her very own when she became a padawan, and then when she was knighted they would get her the latest Czerka speeder. Sparkly purple, of course - it's her signature color.

It helped that she had an affinity for lightsaber combat. She wasn't shy about letting others know (or find out) how good she was, either. It was that, combined with always having the most elegant robes - always classy, of course, never anything in bad taste - that earned her the name Princesstabbity from her age-mates.

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