Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Day 5

  • Day 5 - Jedi Training: We meet our Jedi on Tython, [when] they are Padawans almost fully-trained. Where were they trained before then? Who were their masters and how did they get along? Did they have any friends or rivals? What was their life like between joining the Order and traveling to Tython for their final trials?
Arri was raised without any formal education. When she was accepted into the Academy on Vornu, she tried to hide what she felt were her failures, but it wasn't long before the masters realized that she couldn't even read. They were invariably patient and kind, but she still heard the voices of the over-servants on Hutta, telling her she was useless and pathetic.

Months stretched into years, and Arri worked hard to make the best of her opportunity. She didn't have the raw talent of some of her peers, nor a deep connection to the Force, but what she did have was patience and persistence. 

She was generally well-liked among the other students, not least because she always had a stash of cookies in one of the many pockets in her hand-me-down robe and was always willing to share. Even though she knew that the life of a Jedi is unpredictable and usually nomadic, she was a little sad each time one of the others left to continue training or carry out the goals of the Order. When the time came for her to go to Tython, she felt that same ache, but it was somehow different - there was a sharp tang of excitement at the edge.

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