Thursday, October 31, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Day 7

  • Day 7 - NPCs: Your Jedi has met many different people in their travels. Describe some of their favorite and least favorite NPCs. What shaped their opinion about these people? Do they stay in touch?

Wow. Uhhhh... This one is particularly hard, because Arri is so very sympathetic. *I* didn't like the two "lovers" on Tython - and even less, the masters who asked me to snitch on them. But Arri tends to be a lot more forgiving than I am, so her disapproval comes across more as mild disappointment. She avoids the dogmatism that is often seen as the hallmark of Jedi ideals, and is more likely to seek understanding first before deciding that cooperation is not possible.

She doesn't do very well at keeping in touch. Her life is a solitary one, but for the time being, that isn't a bad thing. She's enjoying the chance to explore the galaxy, live her own life, and maybe touch the lives of others.

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