Monday, October 28, 2013

SWTOR 30 day jedi challenge

  • Day 4 - Family & Early Life: Most Jedi are separated from their families at a young age, but that doesn’t mean their families don’t impact their life. Where did your Jedi come from? How much of their early life do they remember? What was it like? Were they happy to leave it behind for the Order? Does their family still play a role in their life? Do they limit their idea of family to biological relatives?
Arri does not remember anything from before Hutta. Her life there was difficult; she was unimportant, not good for much beyond being given the most dreary, unpleasant tasks and getting blamed for anything that went wrong. But she learned how to avoid being noticed, and when that wasn't possible, how to minimize the damage, and when that wasn't possible, how to survive.

It wasn't a happy life, by any sort of measure, but it was the only one she'd ever known. And while she was never quite convinced that she was as fortunate to have her position as those above her insisted she ought to be, she was well aware that things could have been even worse. Still, she was glad to leave, and has no desire to return.

She still wonders who her family was, and why and how she was separated from them. And she hopes that maybe one day she will find some answers...

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