Friday, February 17, 2012


So it's now 8 PM and I've been at an event that I have PAID to go to for several hours, and I've spent the time not at the event but in my room, surfing the web (thank God I have internet access). I just haven't felt the least bit interested in what I've seen listed to do.

Maybe I'm just a snob, but things feel ... poorly designed. I mean, I would think that a "Literary" series would be about, you know, READING. But it isn't! Those are the writing panels. There kind of aren't any book-focused panels.

And it strikes me as just a little unfair that the Disney trivia contest was put in the Kids category, while Star Wars and Doctor Who get to be General. I would've thought NERDS would be the sort to understand that grown-ups geek out over Disney details as much as children do. :P

I've heard nothing about a drum circle, either. Serious bummer, that.

Speaking of bummers, one of my online buddies recently went silent. SAD FACE, CHEV. I'll miss ya. If you're ever heading East, lemme know. :)

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