Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Habits - October 8

So I'm beginning to feel ... ambivalent, let's say, about the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. It just seems like it's putting a LOT of money into doing something I really don't enjoy. I'm going to keep training, but I just don't know about the actual RACE. The event as a whole benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but I can't tell if Disney actually donates some of the proceeds from the race, or if it's just a way to inform people.

I did go on a walk with Dad last night. We did two miles in juuuust over half an hour, which made me feel pretty good. I'm about to do my morning walk. I've had breakfast and I ate my vitamins. I'll brush my teeth before I go. I'm also thinking about adding some free-weight training.

There was also a community event last night that we danced at. It was pretty awesome. It was at an ex-mall that they're trying to sort of re-envision as a business & community center. There's a Komen Center in one of the offices. I think if I was going to host an event I might want to partner up with the local Rescue Mission. Maybe we could have a cooking marathon! I don't know, though. And I think with all I've gotten on, this year probably isn't the wisest choice. But I might start asking around, maybe getting some ideas for next October.

Ooo, or maybe do nails? Nothing pro, just people signing up to bring their nail polish collections and lotions and stuff. Everything would be free but we'd have a table for donations. Maybe we could also have some paid tables for salons to sell files and polishes and stuff. It could be called "Manis for the Cure" or something equally cutesy.

And I haven't finished any more of my grading. My planning has been minimal. Yesterday was pretty full, but Tuesday was travel and Wednesday was pretty much just lost. We did clean up around the house some.

I really don't have much else I want to write about. I called to refill a prescription. I'll pick that up after I get my bloodwork done. I probably ought to call the wig store to check on my benefits there & see what's going to be submitted.

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