Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Habits - October 1

So it's the day before fall break, and I'm taking it easy. I'm actually ready to go home and relax for a bit - never mind that I've got quite a bit of grading to do. NOT looking forward to that.

The newspaper came out today. I've already heard some complaints about it: a missing period and a miscapitalized name (JOnes). Really? Seriously, people? That's what you're noticing? No wonder you're so miserable and you want to quit. I've got news for you, though: it's not the job that's making you miserable. You're carting that load of rocks around with you everywhere you go.

I need to make sure that I reserve a TV/DVD combo for the Monday & Tuesday after fall break so's we can watch A State of Mind. I need to make sure I turn in the money for NP sales. We didn't actually MAKE any money, unfortunately. Of course, we never do. I wish they'd bring back school-wide SSR again. I bet we'd make a ton.

I don't really have much else I want to say. I'd rather read. Plus I need to keep working on my unit plans for drama.


  1. "I'd rather read." Right there with ya. That's what I'm off to do. I just started a new series. "A Wrinkle in Time." Well, new for me anyway. I know: shocking.