Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Habits - October 9

Ugh. Almost time to head back to school. I still need to type up my script rubric for our next unit. I did get the performance rubric created - yey!

Hot flashes have started. They're really not all that bad - interesting more than anything. I do sometimes wake up and kick the covers off, but I can live with that. :) The best part is no more period! YAY! Which MEANS no more need for contraception. YAY!

I really don't know that I have anything else to write about. Going walking again this morning. Had some breakfast. Took my anti-nausea meds. Eating my vitamins. Need to brush my teeth and put my sneakers on before I go.

Phone still broken. We'll get new ones today.


  1. My phone's broken too. They said it was water damage, but I think it was just crappy production. I've never so much as taken it out in the rain. It sits on my nightstand table all the time.

  2. Yeah, mine's my fault :P Dropped it one too many times.

    You still need to start blogging ;p