Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Habits - October 15

I am so frustrated. I woke up early this morning - four goddamn thirty - and couldn't get back to sleep. So slightly after five I thought, wtf, I'll just get up and soak in the tub for awhile. At least it'll be restful. So I turned the faucet to just below scalding and let the tub start to fill.


SOMEHOW our hot-water-tank-thing is fucked up. Because when I went back and brushed my fingers through the water, it was ... mild. Hm, I thought as I got in, I'll need to fill it the rest of the way with straight-hot.

Of course my hand LIED to me, because when your skin gets wet and then is out in the air it feels a lot fucking colder. Grrr.

Also? the hot water? Not hot.

So, whatever. Everything sucks. I didn't get my nice soak, God only knows when the damn supplement is coming in, I hate nameplates, students are going to bitch about mistakes and ... I don't fucking care - get over yourself. You know? I don't need the five bucks that damn badly. It is NOT worth it.


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