Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Habits - October 14

I don't know how "good" my habits are; we ate breakfast at McDonald's AGAIN today. Two days in a row. :( It's so hard NOT to, despite that it's a money sink and really not good for us.

Because we're on the A/B schedule, the writing prompt is the same today as it was yesterday. But after they finish filling their pages they're turning in their meeting work and I need to check that off. But also I should be writing. Right? *sigh*

Annnnd the two-gig camera card I ordered is the wrong shape for our camera. *SIGH* And I seem to be missing one of the black cameras. Eff. Emm. Ell. I really need to get a sign-out log for the cameras, and I need to start having students sign out for Journalism too. I'm so tired of EVERYTHING. Dammit.

I think I'm going to take a half-day today. I need to call and make sure I have someone to cover my last class.

WHERE is my binder for this class?! I just HAD it! Oh. It's right where all the binders are - apparently I didn't get it out yet.

Overall I'm VERY pleased; I only had like four students who hadn't completed their work for today's discussion!

Time to get started observing discussions! woot.

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