Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Habits - November 10

McD's again today. After Papa John's last night and Arby's for lunch. *sigh* But it tastes SO GOOD. Oh well.

Today's prompt is: Discuss an important personal relationship you have had and explain how it has changed your life.

Well, the obvious choice is my husband. I've written about the Hunk before. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that he renewed my faith in humanity - or at least in the other half! He is incredibly patient and ... easygoing? It's not "cheerful" so much as almost always content. It is good to be around him because he's almost always in a good mood.

He is a one-on-one parapro, and this year his student is a freshman, so he's now at the same school I am. I love getting to ride to school with him. If I'm having a rough day I can go and get a hug during lunch. It's pretty awesome.

It is hard to know the full extent of his influence on my life, because I really can't imagine my life (as it is now) without him. I probably wouldn't live in this part of the country. I might not even be a teacher.

Doctor's appointment today. Need to fill out my professional leave form for Friday's field trip. Parent calls after school tomorrow. Doctor's appointment Monday. I don't know WHEN I can get my blood work done... *sigh* maybe I can put it off until Tuesday, especially since I'm pushing my last chemo treatment back a few days too.

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