Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Habits - November 2

I'm not dead. Sometimes it seems like it, with as much as I've been sleeping lately. As ridiculous as it sounds, I'm tired of sleeping. :P

I think I've finally started to find out what it feels like to be a cancer patient. Yesterday and the day before were ... enlightening. Walking across the room left me glad to drop into a chair. Going down the hall to another classroom required a plan - no stopping along the way in case I couldn't muster enough willpower to get moving again.

But I accomplished everything I'd wanted to yesterday. AND MORE. I even found the ad binder. And today I feel more alert and my fingers are less puffy. Can't quite tell about my feet but I'm kind of hopeful that the swelling has gone down there as well.

Got my fingers crossed to do the whole day at school today and then dance tonight. We'll see...


  1. Well you sure seem ambitious, I'll give you that. Worried about making it down the hall, yet you go dancing? I have a hard enough time getting through the school day cancer-free.

    I can't imagine ever being tired of sleep. Sleeping has been one of my talents.

  2. Dancing didn't work out. My muscles just can't hack it. I was hoping to get more uumph during the day, but I haven't been improving as fast as I did after previous chemo sessions.

    Next class is tomorrow night. I've got my fingers crossed! :D