Friday, November 8, 2013

  • Day 14 - Weapons: A Jedi is never unarmed; describe your Jedi’s preferred weapons. Do they have a favorite lightsaber or are they more adept with the Force? Is their lightsaber (or lightsabers) unique? Does it have its own history? Do they have any other weapons — holdout blasters or hidden knives, for emergency situations? Anything they use just for special occasions, like an exotic lightwhip or a secret stash of frag grenades?

Well, I missed yesterday. Oops! I'm starting to feel better, though.

Arri's saber is pretty basic. It's not anything special to her, just a tool. But at the same time it's a reminder of the responsibilities she has accepted.

Even though it is warped and battered past the point of use, Arri kept the hilt of the saber that she crafted at the end of her training as a padawan. It's important to her because it's the first time she really felt proud of something she achieved.

The crystal that focuses the beam, however, is particularly special to her. It was crafted by Arimand Surik, and he gave it to her after she made her first saber. As she has continued to learn and progress in her skills, he occasionally retools the crystal, adding facets that enhance its intensity. Arri can't explain why, but whenever she ignites her saber she feels a sense of comfort, of rightness, that she doesn't get from any other weapon.

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