Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Combat Companion

  • Day 13 - Combat Companion: Some battles cannot be won alone. When your Jedi calls on one of their companions for assistance, which companion do they call on? Why? Do they always choose the companion whose skills best suit the situation or the one they like best? Which companions best complement your Jedi’s skills and combat style?

Today is another hard day. I'm tired of reminding my students to freaking SIT UP. It is not that much to ask. I just feel like every day is a battle lately, and I'm so tired of it. I never lose my temper. I never raise my voice to them. But if I do so much as speak to them sternly they look at me with huge eyes like I'm spitting fire.

Well, this one is kind of tough, because I really don't see her ending up with a full crew like you do in-game. It's more that she has temporary partnerships, with the exception of T7. Mechanically, Arri's fighting style should match well with Kira, who I think is a melee DPS. I can't imagine that she ever takes Lord Whatsisface with her just the two of them. She looks for the best in everyone, but she's not stupid! She'd probably ask Sergeant Rusk to stick with her until Lord Scourge had been appropriately dealt with. (I had to google his name! ugh. so tired today.)

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