Saturday, November 2, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Pets!

  • Day 9 - Pets: Does your Jedi have any pets? How many and what kinds? What are their names? Where did they get their pets? Do the pets stay on the ship? Where do they sleep and what do they eat? Do they chew on your Jedi’s robes? How do your Jedi’s companions feel about them? What kind of relationship does your Jedi have with them?
At this point, the closest thing to a pet is C2N2, the ship droid. And to be perfectly honest, this isn't something I've thought a lot about! I would imagine there are lots of plants on the ship. Arri loves life, in all its forms, although she would be careful to only keep plants that would not cause any sort of health hazard for her or her crew. She would also be careful to make sure that she's not accidentally carrying seeds or spores or anything when she goes onto a new planet.

But I can see her having something small. She would be less likely to take an animal from its natural habitat, but perhaps if she helped break up a dogfighting ring or something, and there's this little guy that nobody else is willing to take care of because it's small and ugly and vicious - I can imagine her taking the time to treat its wounds and feed it properly. Over time it latches on to her and it won't go with anyone else, and she doesn't fuss too much about that. Partly it's because she doesn't fuss much about anything, but it might also be because she would be sad to say goodbye, and now she doesn't have to.

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