Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Ship

  • Day 17 - Ship: How does your Jedi like their personal starship? Did they give it a name? Any interesting little quirks? A gizka infestation, maybe? Do they do the piloting or does someone else handle that? Are they prone to crash-landings? Does your ship see a lot of battle or diplomatic missions? Is it well-equipped for either one? Does your Jedi ever detect a hint of Alderaanian nectar in the air?

 I feel like I didn't get much of a weekend. I spent so much of it grading! At least I got it done.

*sigh* And I kind of don't feel like finishing the rest of these. I'm just kind of making things up on the fly and I feel like I'm not doing a good job and I'm just wasting my time. You know? Like I don't have anything special in mind for any of this. What's the point? *another sigh*

I missed another day, too. Last night we had D&D and I'd also been lectured about the way I structure my lessons. I'm trying not to be frustrated and/or terrified. I feel like it's my neck on the chopping block.

Arri does her own piloting, for the most part. She learned while she was on Vornu. Starting out, she was very tentative. But over time and with practice she became more confident.

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