Monday, November 4, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Combat Role

  • Day 11 - Combat Role: On the battlefield, where are we most likely to find your Jedi? Are they leading the charge, drawing hostile attention? Are they invisible to the naked eye, turning the environment or even their opponents’ own minds against them? Do they hang back from the heart of the action, bolstering their teammates with Force, healing wounds even as they’re opened? Maybe they are leaping in from afar, slicing down one enemy at a time with ferocity and precision? Is your Jedi a team player or a solo artist, preferring to work alone? 
Today has been a not-great day mentally, but I'm a stubborn bitch, so I'm going to push through this thing because I know I'll feel proud of myself for keeping up my daily writing. GO ME, DAMMIT.

Okay, well, Arri's a tank. I really haven't written much with her fighting, but yeah, she yells a lot to attract as much attention as she can. She is very much a pacifist, but she realizes that sometimes a more assertive tactic is more effective. She is glad to have help and will do everything she can to keep her partners from being harmed, but she is also willing to carry out missions on her own if that is what is needed.

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