Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SWTOR 30 Day Jedi Challenge - Combat Style

  • Day 12 - Combat Style: What are your Jedi’s best moves? Which lightsaber form do they favor? Are they a great strategist, drawing enemies where they like and controlling the battlefield? Or do they hit so hard and so fast that the only strategy they need is to ‘kill them before they kill us’. What kinds of opponents are they best matched against? What are their greatest weaknesses in combat?

Arri tends to use Soresu when at all possible, to wear her opponents into submission rather than killing them if she can. But when simply holding the line isn't enough and she needs to remove obstacles, she shifts to Djem So. The master she learned it from, Slaine Drucker, warned her that its focus on power, aggression, and sheer brutality could lead her down paths from which it would be difficult to return. So when she fights using that style, she is very careful to keep her mind clear and her heart open, even to the enemy who is trying to kill her and hurt those she cares about.

She may seem to transform into a killing machine, but she is a compassionate killing machine.

Her aversion to hurting others can prove problematic; in many cases she would be able to achieve her goals more quickly if she was more willing to simply execute those in her way. Instead, she tries to avoid notice, and searches for ways around guards and patrols if she can.

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