Sunday, July 25, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 25

Boy am I sleepy! But I have redone my unit sequence and I am almost done planning out the first unit. Hurray! You know, it's amazing what you can get done if you don't sleep.

Yep, that would be right. I did try to go to bed around ten or so, but I just could NOT chill out enough to actually get to sleep. For some reason I have just been sooo wired. I think it may be because my planning-for-school mojo has kicked into high gear. When I was cleaning - was it yesterday? - I got done with putting things away in the small bathroom and it was time to go through my school stuff. And that started things percolating in my brain.

But I also discovered that I much prefer going for my walk at about six.

Oo. Of course, I may look at these after I actually get a chance to get some sleep and go What were you thinking, Clicky? Ah well.

Anyway, it was just starting to get light when I headed out. It may have even been below 80. I had my little Sansa Clip that I love so much, and the Hunk's headphones (my favorites) and I cued up my "Inspire" playlist. It starts out with "Flying" and then goes to "Go the Distance," both Disney tunes, to help me remember my goals.

So I walked over to the park and I did FIVE LAPS today. I ran the top loop of the lap on laps one, three, and five. I figure that more than made up for the chips and candy that I scarfed down when we went to go see The Sorcerer's Apprentice yesterday.

It was neat to watch the sky turn from deep murky blue to a lighter bluey gray. After a bit I could see the outline of clouds where they got reflected light from below the horizon. The streetlamps went out one by one, but it still stayed relatively cool. The hawk who lives in a tree in the middle of the lower loop came out; whether he was hunting or just defending his turf I can not be sure. Maybe both.

Also it was not the least bit crowded. I only saw one other person walking, though I did see a couple of cars.

There are definitely quite a few benefits to walking early-early in the morning.

Right now we are at IHOP. But I have been very, very good. I have continued working on my lesson plans, and I also requested a box with my order. I ate the two fried eggs and the hash browns and half a piece of sausage, but I put the two pancakes and the rest of the sausage in my to-go box. The sausages should reheat nicely; we'll see about the pancakes.

Unfortunately IHOP does not have free wireless, so it will be a little bit yet before this gets posted. But at any rate I am fairly sure I have met my word count. Yey!


  1. No wonder you're sleepy! Cleaning, planning, writing, walking, IHOP . . .. You're making me think about all of those binders that I brought home to re-organize. Ugh!

  2. Yeah, but some of those overlap. Like... I'm actually writing less for the freewrites, and I used my planning for today's blog post over at Epic Adventures. AND then I cross-linked it over at the EC Ning. Also, IHOP counts as a negative because not only does it mean I don't have to fix the food or put things away OR do dishes, someone asks me what I want and then gets it for me.

    I love eating out. Always makes me feel like royalty! ^.^