Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 28

So when I went for my pre-testing yesterday I found out I'd lost six pounds! WHEE! So, I'm pretty happy about that, obviously. If I continue to eat sensibly and keep up my training I should be able to do the half-marathon in February!

It's going to be tough to do that once school starts. Even when I get going at six, I don't get back to the house until almost 7:30, which is about the time I need to BE at school. And it is SOOO hot in the afternoons. Plus I'll probably be doing my therapy after school as well. What I need to find is someplace that has an indoor track that I can use for a couple of months, just until things start cooling off again.

Today I didn't go on my walk until after seven, though. Why? Thanks to the MIRACLES OF MODERN SCIENCE, guess who slept for nine hours last night? ME! I did have my alarm set for five minutes to five, but when it went off I sat up, turned it off, thought it over and decided that another hour of delicious sleep would be worth walking in slightly-higher temperatures.

Slight downside: I didn't get to see my friend the hawk this morning. Bigger upside: I did get to see his girlfriend. She's sleeker, and leans toward a darker brown. He's more reddish.

So anyway, when I went in for pre-testing the nice lady was telling me about what I can and can't do before surgery (nothing to eat or drink after midnight, no NSAIDs, etc) and I asked if there was any way I could get something to help me relax because I've been so stressed that I just can't sleep for more than a few hours at a time, if that. So the one doctor called in a prescription for Ambien!

I was hoping for something to calm my nerves rather than just to help me sleep, but now that I've actually RESTED, imagine, my nerves are much calmer!


  1. So, I knew you'd opened this place, but I hadn't come to visit yet.

    Here's what I want to know; if you hate to write, why do you force yourself to do it? If there's something that we can do to get you to a place where you look forward to writing, that's where the good stuff will happen. Let's start a conversation about this; your wanting to do it (because you think it's good for you) isn't going to be enough to get you to where you want to be, I think. Writers write because they love it - for all its hair-pulling frustration, we're DRIVEN to write. You're already exercising because you HAVE to; why not find a place where you're writing because you WANT to?

    Love ya!


  2. You know, Chili, I would loooove to find that place. I just haven't the slightest effing clue where it is.

    All my writing is "hafta" writing, not just this. This is just a different SORT of "hafta" writing. Most of the writing I don't b*ch about is stuff I write down cuz I hafta remember it. You know - grocery lists. Lesson plans. Reservation numbers. Hidden Mickeys. ;)

    Oh, or because I want something AND I also want a record of having requested it. Kind of a twofer there.

    Or because I want to communicate with someone and writing is the only way to do so. Like commenting on posts! Or discussion boards, stuff like that. I'd rather talk. But, yanno, sometimes that's not an option.

    I just... nope. I don't know that I've ever thought, "oo, I want to go WRITE." Like... ever.

    I do like talking about stories. BOY do I love that. And authors are often good story-conversationalists. But again, that's TALKING. It's even a chore to write reviews for Goodreads.

    I wish I knew where that place was, Chili. I wish I knew. Because maybe, maybe then I'd have a shot at figuring out how to get there.