Thursday, July 29, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 29

So I'm a bit late this morning and I might not make my word count even after I've shortened it.

I got up early! yay! I had the alarm set for 6:15 and I woke up a few minutes after six. So I got up and got dressed and went for my walk. I added in a little more running and LET ME TELL YOU, my body is NOT happy about that. I have a general low-key ache all over.

The Hunk went with me, which was pretty cool. He had stayed up all night again (he's a crazy night owl like that) and was up when I got up. So anyway I got home and showered and he made pancakes! Isn't he the bestest? So obviously I couldn't get my writing done then because the pancakes would've got cold!

I also did another load of laundry. That's another annoying thing about exercising: more laundry! I get home and I feel absolutely gross. I mean, I feel so gross that I don't want to take off my gross clothes because peeling them off my body is even grosser. Yurgh. But I dropped them in the washer and then I got in the shower and ahhhh, the hot water was soothing and it felt so good to lather up and scrub away all the yuck.

Mommy is here with us. She got in late last night (I was already asleep - yay pills!) and we're going over to her house in just a bit to make sure the AC is back on. You don't want to be without AC in July around here, that's for sure!

Oo, I hear her coming down the hall. Looks like it's time to go!

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