Monday, July 26, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: July 26

Well, this morning I found out that the temperature yesterday was not due to how early it was. I set my alarm so that I could have a nice cool walk again, and I actually sat up and looked at the clock a minute before the alarm even went off. (Although I was really checking to see if it would be worth it to go back to sleep. Answer? NO.)

So I drudged out of bed and got dressed, got my little Sansa and went outside and MAN, it sure is muggy. Ugh. So, clearly, yesterday was just a fluke. Or who knows - perhaps today is. At any rate, I was NOT a happy cookie. It didn't help that I had not yet even gotten to the park and my Sansa shuts off because I had not charged the battery in days.


The Hunk made brownies last night, too. I had one then and I am probably going to have one this morning. So there.

I hope to be able to stay up until at least nine so that I can call the doctor's office to say WHAT GIVES? And then I will probably go back to bed.

My feet are sore. I don't seem to have any blisters. Besides, they are not that KIND of sore. They just kind of ache.

I am also still tweaking my unit sequence. I am going to move my book club unit to the end of the year, because putting it AND the poetry unit before winter break is going to squeeze both of them. And I really really hope I can go to the NCTE convention the week before our Thanksgiving break, which means that's another week that I would not be able to teach, which would mean those units would be squeezed even more.

Woo! that's 305. Ta, all!

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