Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Habits - September 1

Brushed my teeth. Ate breakfast - and NOT McDonald's! And now I'm writing. I was okay this morning but now I'm tired again. We worked on the computers for the first time during Journalism I and it was just ... gah. Troubleshooting is a pain in the butt.

They're writing about their favorite fictional character. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to give them a topic. I mean, if I think about it I remember that I really do have a reason for the topics I choose and ... ugh. Phone.

But right now, when my throat feels rough and my knees and my jaw ache and I feel like I've been on my feet for ten hours, even though it's only been like two... it all seems like a waste of time.

I'll make it through the day without too much more trouble. They're reading aloud from children's books. it's nice. All I have to do is sit and listen! Unfortunately I can't find my clipboard. That kind of sucks. I need to call our car insurance and ask if we can have the green car taken off. We may need to do a complete switcheroo, but we'll have to see. *sigh*

*sigh* What part of "payment accepted before or after school" is so challenging? Seriously, people. I get tired of it.

Not everyone got to read their kids' books. But it was more than half the class, which is good.

I'm SO ready to go home and sleep some more. It's annoying to be so tired. I'll make it okay, but it's just frustrating. Everything takes more planning because I've got less time in which to get my stuff done.

Also? Still no answer from the insurance place. Seriously - wtf?

Today after school I need to write up a bunch of receipts. Hopefully by the time I get done with that I'll be able to go home.

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