Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Habits - September 2

So now we're in second period theoretically working on yearbook pages. Ads are due tomorrow. Beats are due tomorrow.

I need to make sure that I get stamps this afternoon. I need to turn in money to the office. I need to call the insurance people to find out about our cars. I need to check and see who else is going to be coming with me to the NCTE convention. And I need to find out what papers I need to file for here. And I need to fill out my doctor's appointment note for my next chemo thing.

And it looks like I'll have ad contracts to fax! yay!

My tummy hurts.

Now I'm on lunch and planning and I need to ... YAY! We already paid our insurance bill! EEE :D

I had two classes where they did a fifteen-minute freewrite. And you see how much writing I got done. AURGH.

I still need to find my lesson plans - my black clipboard is missing and that's very frustrating. I just yesterday realized that I've got two classes of English and there's only ONE class set of 1984, so I don't know WHAT I'm going to do. :( I'm going to check the library, first of all... then I think I'll offer extra credit to anyone who can get a copy on their own. Maybe. I dunno.

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