Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Habits - September 8

So, yeah. I think I wasn't great this morning. But I did work on some yearbook stuff. I don't really feel like writing now. I need to write the copy for the graduation page for the supplement. Will that work? Why not, say I!
So much about graduation is a tradition: the speeches, the procession, the gowns. But what makes each ceremony unique is also what makes every ceremony special: the new graduates.

On a warm, breezy May evening, 256 LaFayette High students walked into Jack King stadium as seniors for the last time. They listened to speeches from their classmates - valedictorian [name] and salutatorian [name]. Tears flowed freely as they sang the alma mater together, wrapping arms around each other's shoulders. And as so many graduates had before them, when Principal [name] said "I present the graduating class of 2010," they threw their mortarboards into the air and cheered.

"[Inspirational quote]," said [principal].
There. Nice and fluffy. Just what the administration wants. :P

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