Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Habits - September 14

Ahhhh... I forgot what I love about the 1984 unit: the peace and quiet of work days! ^.^ I'm always nervous for the first few days of it, though, before the students get the hang of the work.

I feel like I ought to have another planning period after this. :P When I have first period planning I don't seem to get anything done. Darnit! And now I feel like instead of writing I should be doing something "useful." Like grading. Or putting grades IN. Or marking notebooks. Or SOMETHING. You know?

And I'd like to go home and go to bed. To BED.

I've got soooo many post-drafts over at Epic Adventures. Nobody's commented on my latest one. Makes me wonder if nobody cares about whether firing teachers is a good idea or not, or if I'm saying things that everybody has heard somewhere else.

Right now I'm just marking time with my wrods. I wonder how many of my students are actually understanding what they read. They're so docile... they're at least pretending to read the book. We'll see. I don't have the oomph left in me to push them at the moment. Plus ... I feel like since we're just starting I've given them instruction and guidance, and now I need to see what they can do. But it makes me nervous!!

I have dance again tonight. We'll be starting a new choreography. I hope it isn't too difficult. I've seen it several times, and I know the music, so maybe that will help.

Ooo, I hate this whole packing-up-early thing. At least they don't line up at the door. And it's only one minute until the bell. But it TICKS ME OFF.

There will be consequences.

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