Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Habits - September 19

Boy, am I counting down the days until September is OVER. I don't know that we've ever felt as squeezed as we have this month. But payday will be on the 30th, and hopefully next month won't surprise us with more thousand-dollar-plus bills. (I'm going to have to reschedule the crowns for November so we can save up.)

Today I am TIRED, too. And I don't have much that I want to do... I did eat my vitamins and go for a walk this morning. I stayed on the lower loop and ran a half-lap, walked a lap and a half, ran a half-lap, walked a lap and a half, ran a half-lap, walked the next half-lap and then walked home again.

Well apparently I have NO running stamina. I always feel like I can walk ALLLL day, but unfortunately, that's apparently not going to cut it come time for the half-marathon. And it takes everything I've got to finish the half-lap. Well, nearly. I can still keep going with a walk afterward; don't have to sit down or anything. But I'm not even running fast! And it's ... maybe, maybe 300 yards. Not even once around the track. It feels kind of pathetic, to be honest. :(

I had a pancake for lunch. Leftovers from IHOP yesterday. What I found out is that if you want to bring pancakes home? Ask for them without butter. The butter makes them stick together and then they don't come apart and you get pancake-gobs instead of pancakes. The ones at the bottom of the stack came apart quite nicely, though.

But I ate the gobby one and it was still quite tasty!

ETA: Almost forgot - it looks like the Terrible Bleeding has stopped. Maybe for good! My face felt a little warm yesterday and the Hunk said it looked quite red. Perhaps my very first hot flash! Or not - I've been keeping a bottle of water by the bed at night because I've noticed that I wake up super-dry... my mouth feels pasty (though not like before) and my eyelids don't want to open. All sticky. I wonder if I've been sweating at night.

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