Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Habits - September 18

So yesterday I had chemo. My sub came in early (!!) so I had lots of time to set things up before I left, because I could leave the room for a few seconds to make photocopies or slip papers into mailboxes. That was pretty awesome.

I hadn't been sleeping well the past few nights. Our neighbor has a bunch of dogs that like to bark at 4 AM. Grrr. So in chemo I pulled the recliner back and took a nap for a good hour or so. Plus they had sandwiches out. I would've had a soda, but the Hunk wasn't entirely convinced that the sodas in the fridge were for us to enjoy. :P

After chemo we went to the not-a-mall and I walked laps. Wasn't too bad. After an hour I was ready to stop, though, so we came home. I ate AGAIN and then went to bed. I think I was in bed by ten.

Which of course meant that today I was up early. My body doesn't like to sleep in, particularly if it's had anything close to a full night's sleep (this is why the dogs are SO annoying; if they barked at midnight or 1 I could get back to sleep easily). But apparently either I was really tired or they didn't bark so much; I didn't get up until almost 7. Dad came over and we went to the park for a walk/jog. Mostly walking, though. Then he took us out to IHOP, and then we came home and I went to bed again.

And it's only Saturday. I'm starting to get nervous about Monday: fall retakes, senior retakes, fall sports photos after school, also an engagement reception / wedding shower thing, and then open house!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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