Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Habits - September 4

Oo, I'm tired.

So we're probably going to buy a truck on Monday. We spent today driving around and looking at different low-end V8s (well, the Hunk drove, and I sat in the passenger seat and wrote yearbook receipts). We found a used on that still has a good bit of its power train warranty, so we will probably get that one.

It was really nice out today, so I went for a walk. Two, actually. I went at a little after 9 this morning and at 8 this evening. So yeah, I am pretty pooped.

And I have been achey off and on today. That annoyed me. A little bit last night, too. Very unexpected, because the past couple of days have been otherwise really good.

Also? My period is all messed up. I started up again not this past Thursday but the Thursday before, which was only three weeks after my last start date (I know because it matched my chemo schedule). And my flow has been really wonky. Last night it was really heavy and then today it slowed down again. I have no idea why that might be.

Welcome to the wonderful world of chemo, right?

I hope to God we sell 500 yearbooks. *sigh*

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