Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Habits - August 27

God, what a day already. I woke up well before the alarm went off and I'm TIRED. Again. Already. I did brush my teeth (yayme) but we also went by McDonald's (bad). There's too much going on and I'm constantly feeling stupid.

Like last night. We went out to eat and it... well, it wasn't horrible, but we were neglected and the food was just okay. I don't think we'll be going back; there's better places. Many of them around here! :) But then I was tired and crabby - oh, they also auto-included our tip on the bill & that was kind of icing on the crapcake - and I didn't feel like going to dance, but I asked the Hunk to take me and that kind of made it better. So we're driving to class and I realize that I don't remember taking my laptop in from the car after dinner. And I look around. And I don't see it IN the car, either.


In fact, perhaps even FML.

AURGH! And even now, I'm writing with them and there are students who have decided that my assignments don't matter. Little pishers! "Fill the page" does NOT mean write three words per line with holes in between them. OMG-WTF-EVER.

So anyway. Fortunately we were able to call the restaurant. Asked them about the laptop, said we'd just been there, they asked, "Oh! Are you the ones who were reading?" So we did get a bit of a laugh out of that. The Hunk dropped me off at dance and then went back to get my computer. He is so amazing. I don't deserve anybody that wonderful.

Lately dance class has been ... invigorating, certainly. But it leaves me feeling stupid. I suck at remembering choreography - I just can't GET it the way everyone else seems to. It's like four weeks into a seven-week class and I'm still muddling through the very beginning. I feel unbelievably incompetent. It sucks.

Then this morning. Ready to go, we get in the car, and she's giving us trouble shifting. Agatha, come ON! We just had her in the shop in... July, I think. So we get down to the second stop sign and she WILL NOT go into first gear. We finally managed to get her into reverse and drove in reverse back that block and back into our driveway. I am SO GLAD my parents had moved to the area or we would've missed the whole day. Ugh.

GAH! I wrote this on Friday but I'm not posting it until Saturday. Tells you what kind of day it was :P

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