Saturday, August 7, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: August 7

Well, yesterday afternoon kind of got swallowed up so I didn't get to go back to my Real Writing from yesterday. It's still in my drafts, though, so hopefully you'll get to see it soon.

OTOH, I did go by a fabric store and pick up some scarf material. I'm sooo psyched! After I come home from the salon today one of the things I'm going to do is practice some basic hijab styles. Maybe. If I'm not ready for a nap by then.

I had a big ol' nap yesterday evening, then I was up from about 10-12 at night, then in bed again by 12:30 or 1. Woke up at 7 but went back to sleep. Up now and I'm still kind of dozy. I feel like I could go back to sleep. But at this point I really need to get ready to go get my shot. :(

Interrupted because I had to go wake up the Hunk to tell him it's time to get up and get dressed so's I can get my shot. Man, it bums me out that I messed that up yesterday. It's just SO confusing with all the different offices I go to. I went to the wrong branch of the right office and they had something to do to me so they did it but it was just mixed up and this poor nice lady kept waiting for me but I never came by to the right branch of the right office. :(

So she sent the instructions over to the ER and now I gotta go over there this morning. BUMMER.

OTOH, I made my word count. ^.^ Yay!

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