Thursday, August 5, 2010

My tomorrow list!

My writing buddy, Mardie, created a very insightful blog post that inspired me! Tomorrow I will:

- Wake up.
- Realize I was dreaming. Sometimes this takes awhile.
- Put my hair in a ponytail. My hair-thingy is on the right nightstand.
- Go into the bathroom and brush my teeth. I now have super-foamy mouthwash. Yay!
- Empty my drain and record the amount in the Special Chart the doctor gave me.
- Take a nausea pill.
- Take a pain pill, maybe probably. For my cramps if nothing else. (Yeah, menstrual cramps on top of everything else! Yeesh.)
- Eat breakfast. This is taking awhile.
- Update Facebook.
- Do my freewrite. I started it, but it's LONG.
- Get dressed.
- Make sure I have my prescription for wigs and prosthetics. I can't find them!! :(
- Go to my first wig consultation. He was sooo nice! I can't wait to order my wig. Oo, I have to call and let him know insurance said we're good.
- Call tech support at the yearbook publisher to find out why I can't edit the supplement pages. apparently, it was some kind of fluke. things are fine.
- Go to my second wig consultation. At this one I can also look at mastectomy bras and prosthetics. Possibly get fitted. Except I got a call that I had to go get a shot.
- Have lunch. I figure it was ok to skip lunch cuz breakfast ended at 12:20 :P
- Take another nausea pill and empty the drain again.
- Afternoon: Relax. Edit yearbook pages if possible. Chatter on the ning. If the other teachers from my department have the afternoon free, maybe go to a salon to get my hair lopped off for donation. Get the remainder cut into a cute swing bob and dyed blonde. Last one is scheduled for tomorrow!
- Evening: Head up to the ex-mall for a WALK after dinner. YAY! This isn't happening today. :( I accidentally got bloodwork (scheduled for Monday) instead of the shot that was scheduled for today cuz I went to the wrong office and I thought I did was I was sposta but I dint. :( It got me all kerfuffled so I came home and napped instead
- Before bed, empty the drain again & take another nausea pill.
- Brush teeth.
- Have the Hunk tuck me in and give me a good-night kiss.

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