Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Habits - August 28

So now I figured out why I've been so pooped - it's because I haven't had enough PARTY!

I had soooo much fun at the hafla last night. I told the other English teachers we were having a post-chemo get-together. We met up in the parking lot of a church... and then walked across the street to the dance studio I go to! ;D They had nooo clue! I'd set up a workshop ahead of the hafla and my instructor walked everyone through some basic moves... and some not-so-basic moves! There was lots and lots of giggling. I'd brought some coin scarves and fringe belts (lots of purple, of course) and everyone got to pick through. "Like playing dress-up," they said! They did SUUUCH a great job. It was awesome.

Next time, for drinks? I'm bringing a case of bottled water. :P

It was WAY more down-to-earth than last Saturday's hafla, which felt much more like a performance. After the workshop, everyone just kind of hung out for awhile, then our host went over to the CD player and said, "hey, what's everyone want to dance to?" and just made up a playlist based on requests. We didn't have coordinated costumes - I danced in jeans, which is probably part of why I sweated sooo much - and most of us hadn't brought props, so there was lots of sharing and borrowing. It was just very low-key.

Not much to say about this morning. There's more workshops today but I don't feel like rushing. Mom's coming by to pick me up (the car should be ready Monday or Tuesday) and then we're gonna go!

After next session, I will be HALF WAY DONE WITH CHEMO! Yaaay!

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