Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Habits - August 23

I desperately need to do a better job of eating my veggies. Cancer is gonna make me fat. Case in point? Breakfast today: pie. Hey, I made it for dessert last night, there's only two of us, so there's leftovers. Tasty tasty.

So today we have GOT to go grocery shopping. We need salad greens (obviously), trash bags, milk, eggs, juice... I'm forgetting things, I know.

I need to call the surgeon and ask what's up with this tendon under my arm. Will it stretch out over time? Or am I stuck with limited range of movement now? I will be rather angry if the latter is the case - no one said ANYTHING about losing full use of my arm. NOT a happy cookie about that.

Still can't find my phone, though.

Oh dear. And the Hunk just said he wants to B'kow (our phrase for McDonald's). And I'm gonna get a sammitch. Because they are just SO SO GOOD! Aurgh.

I also need to call the oncologist and make sure I know when my chemo is this week so I get a sub for the right day.

And I need to plan out my Journalism stuff. I didn't do that yesterday (bad me!) but I can do it during planning today. After YET ANOTHER MEETING we'll have to sit through. Oh, and then there's ANOTHER one tomorrow. Good GRIEF.

Today after school I'd like to try to pick up my other wigs. I don't know if they'll be in or not, but I've got my fingers crossed.

And now it's time to finish getting ready!


  1. We're on a really tight budget right now. If we have leftover anything, it MUST get eaten. Waste not, want not.

  2. I'll be finishing off the pie tonight :D