Friday, August 13, 2010

Discipline Update & Freewrite: August 13

Another minor quibble: I think the chemo has made me weak. Physically weak. Know how I can tell? I can't open my own damn med bottles! AUUURGH! hahahaha! of alll the ironies, you know?!

what's especially hilarious about this is that the ONE that I can still open easily - we got it at a different pharmacy - is my pain med. wuhu! ;D

Thing is, most of it's on like a 4ish hour cycle, so now it's just-past-2 AM and I'm awake cuz the antifungal for my thrush wore off and OW OW OW. I may also need to take some more pain meds. I haven't been on them every 4 hours, but I went to BELLYDANCE last night again, YAY!! but it's an advanced class and I think I might well need the pain meds even if I was at full health! WOOO boy, did we work. I was sore afterward but it was a good kind of sore. Stretchy-sore. My range of motion improved dramatically during class (since my latest surgery). Plus I was JUST at the dr today and he said it was okay to stretch. Plus also I was not on prescription pain med during class - just some Aleve - in part because I'm trying to wean off them, but also in part because I don't want to lose awareness and push myself TOO far. Soo yeah, a little tender right now but I think it's all good.

I was thinking earlier tonight about Queen. See, I enjoy quite a few of their songs. But there's one - "Fat-Bottomed Girls" - that has stuck in my craw for a long time. I think it's hateful. Part of that is based on a mis-heard line, but even after finding the corrected version I can't shake it. It's the line "Take me to them dirty ladies every time." Now by "dirty" they mean 'uninhibited;' the song definitely does NOT go for the 'fat=eew!' cultural archetype, which I guess is good at least.

But for the longest time I thought it was "Take me to them lonely ladies every time." And even though it's not, the implication is pretty clear - fat girls are uninhibited because they're so desperately starved for affection. The song is saying that it's great to go out with fat girls because you can get them to do "dirty" things (because they're lonely).

And the song is SO catchy and bouncy and fun-sounding... and I can't stand it anymore. And now that effect has spread to their other songs. I just... listening to even "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or even "Bohemian Rhapsody" ... it makes me cringe. How can someone create such a happy little song with words that are so hateful? either that or be SO IGNORANT? I mean, just colossally ignorant.

I don't understand that.


  1. "...the implication is pretty clear - fat girls are uninhibited because they're so desperately starved for affection."

    Wow, I have such a completely different view of this song than you do. I see it as Brian May praising big girls for being open to sexual adventure in a way that traditionally beautiful girls are not, but I don't see anywhere the idea that the girls are willing to be "dirty" because if they are not they will be lonely.

    I think we bring our own experiences to songs, the same way we do to books, and as a fat bottomed girl myself, I know that in my life men have appreciated me for my appetites, both at the table and in bed. And certainly there is a comparison to be made; if you cannot let go enough to enjoy food, how can you let go enough to enjoy other sensual pleasures?

    The lyrics talk about the charms of the traditional blue-eyed floozy wearing smooth after a while, which makes me envision one of those very pretty, controlled, always perfect, gym-going girls who orders a boneless chicken breast at a BBQ joint and won't take off her clothes with the lights on because she thinks she's "fat". No matter how attractive she is, her inability to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh leave him cold, unlike the fat bottomed girls who understand sensual pleasure and will revel in it with him.

    Lauren B

  2. Well, as I said, my impression was shaped by what I later realized was a misheard line.

    if you cannot let go enough to enjoy food, how can you let go enough to enjoy other sensual pleasures?

    But given the song's bouncy tune and Freddy M's sassy vocal style, I think your interpretation makes more sense than mine. I'm going to listen to it again sometime soon to see if I can read it that way. I hope it works because I really miss being able to enjoy their songs! :D

    Thank you so much!

  3. Oh Good! I hope you can find a way to enjoy them again!

    (Queen was the first concert I went to without my parents, so I have a soft spot in my heart for them)

  4. Awww! good times, good times :D