Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Habits - August 17

Well, I did NOT go for my walk after school yesterday - I spent too much time talking to other teachers about the first day! hahaha. OTOH I did spend a solid near-two-hours working up a sweat at bellydance. I figure that should count.

I brushed my teeth before bed. I did NOT eat an extra Oreo truffle as a snack. I didn't eat very many greens yesterday though... the green beans in lunch were crunchy, and I don't like them that way, so I only had a couple of bites. :P

Haven't yet brushed my teeth this morning, but I figure that's okay because it's four-frickin' thirty. I figure I'll be ok on half a night's sleep so long as we come straight home and I take a nap. I stayed up until past midnight because after I came home from class I worked on a flier for the upcoming hafla.

I woke up from a bad dream. I was having some extra symptoms - don't remember what - and all these doctors were people I didn't know and they kept saying they weren't sure what was going on but they wanted to do another test and here's a referral to someone who will do it. Then THAT doctor would say the same thing and give me a NEW referral to a NEW doctor and I'd have to find my way to wherever THAT office was... actually very similar to the start of my issues lately, only more so. And VERY frustrating.

But perhaps it was residual frustration because last night I actually went LOOKING for the unit plans I had written out for my photojournalism class and I just could NOT find them. I was - and in fact I still am - SO MAD. I mean, these are GOOD. And... I just have no idea. Spiral-bound notebook, toward the beginning... I've looked through all the notebooks I can find and they're not in any of them.


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