Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Habits - August 18

We got up so late that I think I didn't brush my teeth. *sigh* And I was so hungry that I ate a bowl of cereal and STILL wanted a McDonald's sandwich.

I don't know if I'm going to meet my word count, either. I'm tired and achy, and I got a full night's sleep last night - and then some. I slept right through class I was so tired. Completely forgot about it. Slept from like 5-10 and then had dinner. Went back to bed around midnight and slept through until the second alarm. Neither of us noticed the first one at all.

Side effects growing more noticeable. There's this zingy feeling in my mouth - a faintly metallic taste, like I'm sucking on a penny. I can't taste my food as much, but it's weird because it's still very satisfying. We had pizza tonight and it was particularly good - perhaps because of the variety of textures.

And I think my hair is starting to come out. I kind of freaked out today at school when I had an itch on my scalp, I scratched, and came away with a dozen strands.

Dammit, I'm not undead! I'm not supposed to have bits and pieces of me falling off! But I shake my head and ... whee, there goes another one onto the keyboard.

Fortunately I pick up my wigs on Friday. So over the weekend I'll probably get my head shaved and on Monday come in as a redhead. I've never shorn my head before. I wonder what that'll feel like.

I reeeally miss being able to have the Hunk "crunch" me. Haven't felt comfortable with that since surgery. But my shoulder and arm are feeling so much better. Maybe in another week or so we can get back to that.

302! woot!

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