Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Do

Songs to get: El Fen, 21st-Century Gypsy, When You're Evil, Zina. I wonder if P will let me borrow/have his bowler? Do this today. Done!

I have GOT to request the gym for Tuesday. Need to give the form to the office but also let the phys ed dept chair know. I think I can get by without a sub; since we're still on blocks, I've got English, JRL2, plan, and JRL1. And that first block won't be released to the gym until after announcements, so I can meet my class in the room, have them write down their first assignment, and then head to the gym, having them bring their stuff. I think they'll learn more with me in the gym than without me in the room. Do this ... well, I'll send the email today, but I need to stop by on Monday.

Need to let the church food-helpers know that we can take another few casseroles... it's just that with only two of us, it takes forever to finish off something as big as they sent last time! Maybe we can invite Mom and Dad over, lol! Do this Sunday, for obvious reasons.

I really need to sit down and plan out my JRL 1 lessons more coherently. I still feel like I'm flying blind with that class. I think I'm going to take my notebook to the workshops today and do some thinking during our down-time. Do this today. Tried. Don't know what I'm doing. EMAIL REBECCA! HELP!

Need to pester teachers to GET ME THEIR ROSTERS. Dangit. Do this tonight.

Need to pay medical bills. UGH. It's just a matter of sitting down and DOING it, but gah, that's so tedious. Maybe if the Hunk loads the dishwasher while I do it I won't grouch about it so much ;D (his handwriting is hard to read, so I get to do all the checks). Let me tell you, I am SO GLAD we have decent insurance. At this point, I'm fairly sure that we're getting out more than we've put in. Do this tonight. Need to get some one-cent stamps!

Need to respond to the writers' notebooks that were turned in. And come up with alternate assignments for the slackers who couldn't produce a frickin' composition book in TWO WEEKS, but ALSO did not come to me before or after school to let me know that it might be a problem. Do this Sunday. Need to conference with students. Check Monday's lesson plans!

Need, need, NEED to send my rosters to the media center to make sure we're clear to get online. Do this today.

Plan out how to do the stupid ID cards and have that ready for 4th.
Call Joe M back about cross-country and cheerleading. MONDAY.
Find out WTF is up with football. Check with Coach Suttle.
Get lists of who has which planning from the office. MONDAY
Get a list of student names to plan out photo day. MONDAY
Get in touch with Rebecca. Still need info about contract. Not happy. Find out about a possible plant trip. What WOULD we be looking for in a workshop?
Send rosters to library. Can my students get online YET? Grh.
Call subs for next chemo.

That feels pretty good!

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